Technical Enquiries

Architects, Landscapers, Home-owners or anyone planning their next paving project, can be rest assured that Best Bricks & Pavers has the right product for their needs.

All products manufactured by Best Bricks & Pavers meet Australian Standards for:

  • Slip Resistance (AS 4586:13)
  • Breaking Load (AS/NZS 4456.5)
  • Resistance to Salt Attack (AS/NZS 4456.10B)
  • Dimensional Deviation (AS/NZS 4456.3B)


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Best's Technical Product Guide is a comprehensive guide to Best's products including technical data, specifications, installation tips and maintenance instructions. Click on the button above to download a copy.

Contact us to learn more about any of Best's products or to request a product sample.

Product Guides

Product specific technical guides

To download detailed Technical Specifications for one of our products in particular, you may do so via the links below:

Traditional Pavers - 40mm thick

Best Paver 40 (220x110x40mm)
New Flag 40 (220x220x40mm)
Slab 40 (300x300x40mm)

Traditional Pavers - 50mm thick

Best Paver 50 (220x110x50mm)
Flag 50 (220x220x50mm)
Slab 50 (300x300x50mm)

Traditional Pavers - 60mm thick

Best Paver 60 (220x110x60mm)
Flag 60 (220x220x60mm)
Slab 60 (300x300x60mm)
Best Lock 60 (190x190x60mm)
Esse Paver 60 (220x110x60mm)

Traditional Pavers - 80mm thick

Best Paver 80 (220x110x80mm)
Esse Paver 80 (220x110x80mm)

Permeable Pavers

Bio Paver 60 (220x110x60mm)
Bio Lock 60 (190x190x60mm)

Large Format Pavers - 40mm thick

Large Format Paver (300x300x40mm)
Large Format Paver (400x400x40mm)
Large Format Paver (500x500x40mm)

Large Format Pavers - 50mm thick

Large Format Paver (300x300x50mm)
Large Format Paver (600x300x50mm)

Large Format Pavers - 60mm thick

Large Format Paver (300x300x60mm)
Large Format Paver (400x400x60mm)
Large Format Paver (600x400x60mm)
Large Format Paver (300x200x60mm) 

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tile Range (all products)

Tactile Indicators

Cautional & Directional

For further information, please contact our head office via the contact page.

I’m a home owner

Are you looking to landscape your garden, pave your patio, driveway or path? Best will have a product to suit your needs. The residential section provides everything you need - from product options, to how to guides.

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Are you a builder, architect or landscaper seeking commercial grade concrete pavers for your next project? Then explore Best’s commercial section tailored to industry.

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