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10.01 Bronze Hollow Up to 50% Off
20.01 Charcoal Hollow Up to 50% Off
20.07 Charcoal Hollow Up to 50% Off

Notched Natural Hollow Honed

Notched Natural Hollow Double Honed

Up to 50% Off


*Terms and Conditions: 

The products within the Clearance Sale are supplied as ‘Specials’ or ‘Seconds’, to be advised by Best.

Estimated stock quantities may vary and change without notice. While stock lasts.

Quantities are estimates only. Customer to confirm product availability prior to order with Best.

Photos on this website give only a general indication of the product colours.

All products need to be sighted by the customer prior to purchase to confirm. 

No refunds.

‘Specials’ or ‘Seconds’ Where goods are supplied by Best as a ‘Second’ or 'Special’, no warranty is given by Best to the extent permitted by law. Best shall not be liable in any way for the performance or use of, or any defect in, such goods.

All pricing is of an indicative nature only and is at the discretion of Best.